Definition of 'Roadies'

In kiwi speak, ‘roadie’ is short for ‘road trip’ and nearly all kiwis are familiar with the iconic ‘road trip’ experience while growing up. Nostalgic memories of a trusty old station wagon jam packed to the tops of the windows with friends, family, pets and neighbours; pillows, sleeping bags, fizzy drinks, chips and lollies, camping gear, chillie bins, bags full of clothes and togs, and as many toys and jandals as you can cram into the gaps.

The road trip destination is often several hours away with frequent stops along the way to stretch our limbs which have been strangled of circulation after being squashed into a gap behind the seat the size of a small toaster.

Road trip entertainment is mainly comprised of bad singing and tedious repetitive games and despite all it’s uncomfortableness, the road trip is an event in it’s own right and marks the beginning of a holiday adventure. As such, the classic road trip is loaded with anticipation and excitement for the inevitable adventures that lie ahead.

Aotea Roadies aims to capture the essence of that classic Kiwi road trip without cramming you into the same space as your luggage or the family dog. We can’t guarantee that there won’t be any bad singing, but we will make sure that there are lots of adventures and unforgettable stops along the way. At Aotea Roadies we believe that a feature that sets us apart from many of the other tour companies is our passion to explore and discover the local secrets and hidden treasures which means often venturing away from the popular tourist trails. Along with a generous dollop of kiwi hospitality, we will do our best to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience and many treasured memories to take home.